Lombardi Brothers creates custom-cut meat programs for independent operators, foodservice distributors, and multi-unit chain restaurant customers with a diverse range of specialized cuts.
Whole Nude Tenderloin
Nude C/C Barrel Filet
Nude C/C Filet
VSR Filet
Strap On Filet
Nude Chateau Briand
Nude Tender Medallion
Tender Tips/Tails
Cap Steaks
Triangle Steaks
C/C Striploin Steak
E/E Striploin Steak
Vein End Striploin
Porterhouse Steak
T-Bone Steak
BI KC Strip Steak
BI Filet Steak
C/C Top Sirloin Steak
E/E Balltip Steak
C/C Balltip Steak
Kabob Meat
Ribeye Steak
Delmonico Steak
BI Cowboy Steak
Standing Rib Roast
Prime Rib Netted
Pot Roast
Rump Roast
Top Round Split/Tied
Baron of Beef
Cube Steak
Flap Steak
Skirt Steak
Fajita Strips
  Veal is tender, lean, and mellow in taste and contains important minerals and vitamins. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, veal is important because of its high nutritional value, easy digestibility and a good alternative when keeping an eye on calories.

Osso Bucco
Shank Front
Shank Hind
Top Round Cap On
Top Round Cap Off
Eye of Round
Whole Racks
Chop Ready Racks 2x2
Rib eye
Slices (F.B)
Slices (PDV)
Shell Loins
Strips 0x0
Strips 1x1
Butt Tenders
Loin Chops
Sweetbreads Select
Stew Meat
Neck Bones
  Lamb is a prime source of high-quality protein, vitamins and minerals. Lamb is also high in B vitamins, niacin, zinc and iron. Compared to other meats, lamb contains very little marbling (internal fat throughout the meat.) Since most of the fat lamb does have is on the outside edges, it's easily trimmed.

Rib Racks
Split and Chine Rib Racks
Frenched 3" rib Racks
Frenched 3' Rib Chops
Frenched 3' Rack Cap Off
Loin Chops
Legs Bone In
Legs BRT
Legs TBS
Legs Steamship
Ribs Denver
Center Cut Shanks
Loin Frozen
Racks Frozen
BI Pork Butt
Pork Butt Boneless
BI Whole Pork Loin
Pork Loin Center Cut
Tender In
Tender Out
Center Cut Bnls Pork Loin
Whole Bnls Pork Loin
Pork Tenderloin
Tenderloin Steak
Smoked Chop
Pork Loin Back Rib Skin On
Pork Loin Back Rib Skin Off
Pre-Cook Loinback Rib w/ Sauce
Pork Rib St. Louis
Pork Spare Rib
Rack, Whole French
Rack, Center Cut Chinned
Diced Pork
Ground Pork
Italian Sausage
Breakfast Sausage
Fresh Ham BRT
Chop, Porterhouse
BI Chop, Center Cut
America's Cut
Butterflied Boneless
BW Boneless Chop
BI Pork Steak
CS Ribs
Boneless CS Ribs