Certified Angus Beef cattle are carefully selected from reputable ranches and family farms in America's heartland. Cattle are traceable to birth and raised without any added hormones or antibiotics by experienced farmers and ranchers dedicated to bringing the very best to the table.
Natural from the start
Never any antibiotics
Never any hormones
Never anything but all-natural feeds
  Salmon Creek Farms Natural Pork is produced the way nature intended, without artificial enhancer's, preservatives, chemicals, or added moisture. Our specially fed, genetically superior pork stands at the top on its own merit. Our hogs are fed high quality western wheat and barley, which contributes to a very eye appealing product by producing firmer, whiter fat. Our farmers participate and receive certification in the National Pork Board's Swine Welfare Assurance Program. Salmon Creek Farms Natural Pork is certified USDA Process Verification for the scope of all market hogs are source verified to Salmon Creek Farms Marketing Association partner farms.   Fulton Valley Farms pledges that our RANGE chickens are raised the natural way. They contain no hormones, no antibiotics, and no animal byproducts. They are fed the finest corn and other high quality natural foods year round regardless of price. Range birds are provided with forage and range space equal to or larger than the houses provided for their security.